Welcome to the powerful and secure payment processing solution from Dimiron Ventures, Inc (DVI). DVI is committed to providing merchants with the easiest and most secure way to implement Bitcoin payments.


P4 Group of Companies is proud to introduce you to DVI's merchant services, which allow you to accept both in-person and online Bitcoin payments. The system of DVI is compliant with all applicable AML/ATF regulations. They rely on licensed, top-tier financial institution partners to ensure the safety of your FIAT funds.


  • As a merchant, you initiate a payment request on DVI's online interface using almost any mobile device that connects to the internet: desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Enter the desired USD amount and DVI's calculator determines the equivalent Bitcoin amount by using 3 points of reference to ensure fairness.
  • DVI creates a QR code that your customer can scan to transfer the specified Bitcoin amount which is clearly displayed above the QR code.
  • The Bitcoin is near-instantly credited to your DVI account.
  • You can convert the Bitcoin to USD and cash out to your designated bank account at your discretion*


The onboarding process is simple and hassle-free. DVI onboards you and performs the KYB check, then provides you with access to a DVI account. You can install an Internet-connected mobile device on site, through which you can access DVI's online interface. Order now, and we will send you the full onboarding package with instructions!

Ready to Accept Bitcoin Payments?

Don't miss out on the benefits of Bitcoin payments. Order our onboarding package today and let us help you take your business to the next level.

The onboarding package contains a form and instructions to help you sign up to DVI's platform. 

Disclaimer: P4 Group of Companies has contracted the ability to bring customers to DVI. The Fee(s) charged by P4 Group of Companiesfor its service in assisting a potential customer in finding the DVI merchant solution and to register a business with DVI arefor that service only.

*Depending on the banks, the cash-out process may take up to 16 hours. Please also note that there is a percentage charged by DVI for its services.